The Legend of Snow Wolf – book review

The Legend of Snow Wolf is a captivating tale about betrayal, honor, friendship and love in the Martial Society. The story begins in Mongolia where the main character, Sochai, loses his old and ailing grandfather. His grandfather leaves behind a record of his past and a Jade with a long history behind it. Possession of this Jade causes Sochai to be poisoned. He then has to travel to China, the land where the Jade originated from. It’s his only hope for finding an antidote.

When Sochai travels to China, he finds himself in the midst of a long standing battle for supremacy between two powerful houses, the Red Dragons and the Green Dragons. The Jade he possesses is the ultimate symbol of legitimacy for whoever seeks to rule the Martial society. Both houses seek to possess the Jade, but it is not theirs to take. In truth, the masters of both houses are usurpers to the throne at Redwood Cliff. Snow Wolf and her husband were the initial rulers, but they were betrayed and had to flee. Will Snow Wolf ever return? Did she leave behind a piece of her legacy when she fled?

This was my first foray into books about the Martial Society and I wasn’t disappointed. The narrative is multi-layered with interesting and distinct characters. It was easy to get invested in the characters and I was sad for the ones who died. The story unfolds in layers; it is multidimensional in a way that mirrors real life perfectly. The love story embedded within this great adventure took me by surprise and was quite a delight to read.

I rate this book 5 out of 5. I loved everything about it from the characters, the story line, even the ending. I recommend this to people who love Game of Thrones and Ken Follet’s Kingsbridge series. Get your hands on it before it too becomes a television series.

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