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When I last posted about swapping out my skincare for supplements, I mentioned I would be trying collagen next. I have now, and I love the results. Collagen in all its forms has been very good to me in the last few months.

I started by taking Higher Nature’s marine collagen, then I researched the cheaper and more widely available bovine collagen. My skin has never been the same, neither has my blood sugar.

Whichever type of collagen you choose, make sure it’s the powder variant. You don’t want all the fillers in the pills.


I started taking 1000mg a day for hair growth, eyebrow hair in particular. At the end of three months I was finally starting to notice some brow hairs sprouting. And you know what else? I lost weight too! It’s too bad that I took a break from them. I could have used some help burning the extra calories during Christmas.

I’m taking them again now; I have been for the last three weeks. If you intend to take biotin for weight loss, I suggest that you don’t go past the 1000mg dosage. More is not better when it comes to this.


Alba botanica even advanced sea lipids daily cream

I’ve loved this for a while now. Back before I started taking collagen, my skincare routine was a delicate balance. This was the only cream I could use both day and night without breaking me out. In fact, it was effective at combating break outs.

If you’ve gone through other posts on this blog then you already know that clearing breakouts is not really a miracle, it can be done with the right active ingredients. What is miraculous about this cream is the glaring absence of the common acne fighting ingredients. So if you hate benzoyl peroxide, zinc oxide doesn’t work fast enough for you and can’t stand salicylic either, then this cream is for you.



For some reason, I’ve been loving detective series lately. They are just so many on Hallmark, can’t pick one.


The Legend of Snow Wolf is one I keep coming back to. I’m living vicariously through the main character. Gift yourself this amazing book, you won’t be disappointed.

Order a hard copy on amazon.

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