Too much too soon?

Assuming you’re in your twenties, how many anti-aging products do you own? And honestly, are you worried about aging?

Many people steer clear of anti-aging products with concerns about their safety rating. Also, they don’t want to use up their ammunition before the battle begins i.e they don’t want to use anti-aging products before they actually need them, and cause the products to be ineffective when the time comes.

The skin you protect in your twenties is the skin you inherit in your thirties. If your skin is constantly breaking out or if you’ve been trying to fade black spots for the last decade, anti-aging has understandably slipped your mind. You want to reach your ‘clear skin’ goals before you can focus on keeping it young.

But is clear skin all you will ever need?

For the most part, No! Once the break outs go away and the blackspots finally fade (or you contend to hiding them under foundation), you realize your skin isn’t as lustrous as it was pre-acne. Some signs of aging have crept up on you.

Wrinkles don’t just appear around the eyes. The first wrinkles to appear on our faces tend to occur as a result of facial expressions. If you’re constantly raising your eyebrows watch out for deep furrows on your forehead. Other lines that will probably show up first are laugh lines. So what is the single anti-aging product that everyone should be using? SUNSCREEN! Broad spectrum sunscreen for that matter.


Other anti-aging creams and serums may have a place in your routine, but you’re doing it all wrong if you don’t include sunscreen.


The sun is the single most important factor in skin wrinkles, taking credit for 90 percent of
the damage to your skin. You don’t need to get a sunburn to be sun damaged. Sun damage happens steadily throughout your life. The rays that cause you to get sunburnt are the UVB rays but the ones that age you are UVA rays. These reach deeper into your skin where they damage your collagen and cause you to age prematurely. Even when its cloudy or rainy, UVA rays remain in the atmosphere in relatively similar abundance to when its sunny. So slather on that sunscreen even on a rainy day.

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