Taking care of your body (skincare).

As a person who loves to take care of your face, I’m sure you must feel some compassion for your body. So much has been written about taking care of our faces, that it’s easy to forget about our body skin.

Body skin may be more resilient than the skin on our faces but it still needs care in order to stay moisturised, avoid stretch marks and stay even toned. Additionally taking care of it can help it stay youthful for longer. Follow these simple steps and I’m sure you will notice some positive changes to your skin.

1.Use a body wash that is suited to your needs, if you suffer from body acne, choose a body wash with salicylic acid.


2.If body acne is not a concern for you, you can benefit from the newest innovation in body wash, Dove Nutrium body wash. This is a glycinate based body wash which is a shift from the usual sulphate surfucants that irritate skin. More and more people are switching from sulphate based face cleansers and it was only a matter of time that we demanded the same high standards from our body washes.


3.Moisturise beyond your hands and feet: your back, thighs, waist and upper arms are all part of your body. These areas tend to develop stretch marks easily when they’re left dry and dehydrated. If you have dry body skin, try to moisturise twice a day. Also avoid scalding hot showers, these tend to dry out your skin.


4.Choose a moisturiser that absorbs easily into your skin, light hydrating lotions (good quality ones) tend to do well in this department.
If you find that your skin is just drinking up the lotion like a desert (and not getting moisturised), then consider exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead skin.

Along with these tips, book yourself a spa treatment whenever you can. With some skin issues like scar removal, cellulite and hyperpigmentation there’s only so much you can do by yourself.

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Vaseline eventone body lotion = 165/= (bestly cosmetics)
Dove nutrium moisture 325/= (Nakumatt)