Drugstore mineral sunscreens 

Chemical sunscreens are better than physical sunscreens in only one way, they offer better aesthetics when applied than physical sunscreen. They won’t leave you with a white cast on your face and will keep you from burning, but forget other benefits like protection from photoaging, it is caused by UVA rays and chemical actives don’t protect against those.

The only two elements known to block both UVA and UVB rays are the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

If you want to prevent photoaging as well as protect yourself against skin cancer, here are a few drugstore mineral sunscreens.

Neutrogena Sensitive Sunscreen

EWG rating 10

This does everything a physical sunscreen should do, it only scores so badly on EWG because it contains several chemical actives. The correct term for a sunscreen such as this is hybrid, it will still protect you but with the added health risks associated with chemical actives. I’ve included a link to the EWG website profile of this sunscreen for further reading.


EWG rating 4

This does significantly better than Neutrogena thanks to fewer chemical actives. There’s not much to say about it except it’s better than the Nivea anti-age sunscreen also made by the same company. A few people I know use it and love it.

Aveeno Baby natural protection

EWG rating 1

Truth is, I only found out about this one after buying my new HG sunscreen, not for lack of research but because every other Aveeno sunscreen I’ve encountered has had Chemical actives, it caught me by surprise.

This is probably the safest sunscreen out there.


EWG rating 2

This is my current sunscreen, it has silicone in it to help it spread better, leaves a white cast but I don’t mind because I always wear makeup over it, it works great as a primer and leaves my skin looking impossibly smooth.

Over time you’ll notice the oil phase separate from the product, so give it a little shake every now and then.


EWG rating 2

Would you be surprised if I told you this is the exact same formulation as the alba botanica? This is less popular maybe coz of less advertising, also why would I buy this when it costs more than alba botanica?
High end or drugstore, it really doesn’t matter, always check the EWG rating before you buy.

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The time I replaced skincare with supplements 

Do you believe in holistic skincare? I don’t. A lot of people say improving their overall health has a positive impact on their skin, I say sometimes a healthy person has bad skin anyway.

Holistic skincare: A person’s skin is a reflection of their inner health

My indifference stems from the fact that I already eat well, I cook most of what I eat from scratch and have lots of fresh fruit and veggies in my diet. Still that doesn’t prevent me from getting the occasional zit, or make it go away faster once I already have it. You know what does? Skincare products!
People who trivialise skin issues have ruined holistic skincare for me, usually it’s them asking you to eat better while you give your skin time to heal itself. Secretly (and sometimes openly) they think you’ll learn to live with what you’ve got, all you need is some time. Where would we all be if we accepted not to change anything about ourselves?

Now that I’ve registered my disdain for holistic skincare, here’s an account of what happened when I replaced skincare with supplements.

You’ll understand that I didn’t stop cleansing or moisturising, that would make anyone look bad. I only stopped exfoliating, no special moisturiser with hylaluronic acid, ceramides or other special actives either, I only needed something to keep my skin from drying out while not causing any breakouts, lanolin cream is such a thing.

My routine was as simple as wash and moisturise, I allowed myself nothing known to clear blemishes, not even tea tree oil. If you also want to try something similar, you might want to get yourself a cleanser that doesn’t exfoliate but still does a thorough job cleansing your face, a cleansing oil would be great for that.

I started my 12 week long experiment with a clear face. I never planned this experiment, I splurged all my money and for the next few weeks I had to make do with what I had in terms of skincare, I think taking my supplements ahead of being deprived of my skin treatments, helped my skin adjust better.

I was five days in with my supplements when I finished the very last drop of my acid toner, I thought my skin would break out for sure, but days went by, weeks went by, and I still had a clear face. My skin also tends to look dull days before my period, but while I took my supplements, I maintained a lit from within kind of glow all through my cycle.

These three are what got me through those weeks without my treatments and potions.

I refilled “my prescription” three or four times and that still worked out cheaper than buying an acid toner.

If you’re planning on using supplements to improve the appearance of your skin, arm yourself with information on what various minerals and vitamins do, and their side effects too.

I chose zinc for it’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Did you know that zinc deficiency is linked to acne? Read more zinc reviews here.

I feel strongly that this anti-oxidant complex was the glow inducing supplement of the three that I took.

I only took these iron supplements for their added folic acid. Be careful with iron though, it’s a pro-oxidant (opposite of anti-oxidant). When taken in excess, iron can literally age you, look up iron overdose symptoms, you’ll see what I mean.

Next time I embark on taking beauty supplements, I’ll include collagen shots, I hear they’re great for preventing and healing stretchmarks and they also help with joint pain.

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Snail gel cream review 

Snail extract has been rapidly gaining popularity as a powerful skincare ingredient for a few years now. It is an extremely popular skincare ingredient in South Korea and has in recent years, trickled over to Western beauty products as well.

I had been thinking about getting snail gel for a while but I was hesitant to add one more product to an already elaborate skincare routine. I don’t struggle to keep my skin hydrated and don’t have any anti-aging concerns.

What finally sold me is it’s complex mixture of glycolic acid, protein, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and other beneficial elements, I was especially interested in the hylaluronic acid and glycolic acid. 

Disclaimer : I initially said on this blog that I would buy and review Dr organics brand of snail gel, but I opted out because it has too many other bio active ingredients whilst I wanted something that allows snail gel to play a starring role. 

They’re not too many products with glycolic acid in Nairobi and I was curious to investigate if glycolic exfoliates and unplugs pores as well as salicylic acid does, not just for the sake of it but because glycolic is pregnancy safe while salicylic isn’t, and who doesn’t want clear skin when they’re pregnant? Just to be clear, I’m not pregnant.

What I found out about glycolic acid from using snail gel cream and also Neutrogena’s rapid clear toner, is that it does little to nothing for active acne. It however, visibly sheds dead skin, if you have raised black spots on your skin they will literally fall off. 

Now back to the snail gel cream (I call it that because it has a gel cream consistency rather than the gel consistency I had envisioned), it combines the brightening effects of glycolic with the hydrating effects of hylaluronic acid while at the same time being anti inflammatory. I’ve used it to soothe my skin after using retin-A and vitamin C, with retin-A I prefer to apply snail gel first then the retin-A a few minutes after. 

The gel cream sinks in better than anything I’ve ever tried. I suspect that’s thanks to the hylaluronic acid component but I would have to try another face cream with hylaluronic acid to confirm.  

On it’s own it makes for a great night cream. If you’re oily skinned like me, be careful not to over saturate your skin with product as it may break you out.

Current night time routine

If I had drier skin I would wear it as a day cream too underneath my sunscreen and makeup. To sum it all up, snail gel cream is the best thing I never knew I needed. 
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Hey :-)

Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of months, I had to take some time away whilst I figured out how to make blogging a profitable venture. I’m working on the following posts right now;

  • Drugstore mineral sunscreens
  • Holistic skincare : What happened when I replaced skincare products with food supplements. 
  • Snail gel cream review 
  • Vitamin C 
  • How retin A and it’s uses 

    Let me know which one you’d love to read first. 

    Night time routine

    Used to be that I couldn’t find any products to wear at night. They’d always break me out. I couldn’t justify the breakouts if I wasn’t receiving any additional benefits from using a product, so I left my face bare every night.

    If you’re acne prone and your night cream isn’t of the zero blemish cream variety, you might be better off without it. Dr Hauschka says to leave your skin bare at night and founder of the ordinary Brandon Trauxxe, shares my opinion, too much hydration, just like dehydration, will cause you to breakout.

    I now use a face oil at night, oils don’t moisturise, they seal in the moisture you already have. Coconut oil enthusiasts, please stop asking everyone to put it on their face, it has a comodogenic rating of 4 and the scale only goes upto 5, few people can handle such high comodogenicity (if that’s even a word).

    Now, my night oil is wonderful, it exfoliates and seals moisture at the same time. Even though I could easily survive without it, I don’t want my face coming into contact with surfaces unprotected while I sleep, something I never thought about before.

    Think of your skin as a piece of paper, it’s easier to create folds on a dry piece of paper than a wet one, similarly if you create folds on your skin when it’s dry, those folds will hold and become creases. I don’t know about you, but I tend to lie on my side a lot when I sleep, when I do, I create a fold between my nose and my cheek. I have a theory that this repeated trauma is what causes jowls, as the years pass your skin’s ability to snap back into place is compromised, the fold deepens and you’re left with jowls.

    You could stop sleeping on your side, but any other position you choose will still create a fold somewhere. Nothing short of using a Japanese pillow will give you a foldless expression as you sleep.

    I make too many movements, I couldn’t handle sleeping on a wooden pillow, so I do the next best thing, lubricate. 
    As stated before, I use an oil at night, (I also use snail gel depending on the weather). This particular oil is fast absorbing, sinks deeply into my skin and exfoliates at the same time. It’s quite potent as an exfoliator, infact I skip my acid toner when using it. 

    What allows it to work so well for me is the base formulation which contains almond,jojoba,hemp seed, sunflower and sesame oil. This rich and non comedogenic base is infused with various citrus oils and that’s what helps with the exfoliation.
    Hemp seed oil, is just code for cannabis sativa oil by the way, but don’t worry, you can’t ingest a mind altering substance through your skin (also it contains no CBD).

    The reason they have it there is because it has a comodogenic rating of 0. That means it can’t block your pores, infact it can’t break you out at all (as with all other things, don’t use if you have an allergy). Other oils with a zero rating are sunflower oil and safflower oil.

    This is my current night time routine, it is preceded by double cleansing, something I have talked about at length here. I haven’t changed anything in my cleansing routine, except that I have added a snail gel cleanser to my arsenal of second cleanse cleansers. I’ll be reviewing that and snail gel cream as requested by Chubby’s mom. 

    I’m reading the final book in the song of ice and fire series, I just hope reading through this post hasn’t been as punishing for you as my experience with that book.

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    Yves Rocher zero blemish gel cream

    When it comes to moisturisers, I always go for something that doesn’t make any extravagant claims. I don’t want it to have active ingredients unless they fall under the category of humectants, emollients or occlusives. There’s one exception though, yves rocher zero blemish gel cream.

    (comes in 10ml tester size too)

    As you might have guessed by now, almost every serum or cream promising to fight acne is going to have salicylic acid in it, yves rocher is no exception.
    Finding salicylic acid in a serum or moisturiser is hardly a novelty, Sunday riley has it, bravura, clean & clear, Neutrogena, and the list goes on. What interests me in the yves rocher zero blemish gel cream is bailkal powder. 

    When that time of the month is approaching, my skin will look for any and every excuse to break out. Daily exfoliation is part of my daily routine, so any zits that try to pop up are flattened before they’ve lived a day on my face.

    Now that my skin can’t surprise me with a breakout, it settles for the next best thing, looking dull and greasy. When it does I’m always ready with my zero blemish gel cream. 

    As the salicylic cleans out my pores, baikal powder soaks up the extra oil my skin produces and visibly refines the texture of my skin. 

    The mattifying effects are incremental meaning you will need less and less product to achieve the same effect with each passing day. While I use this as a treatment, I don’t use any other moisturiser on top and when my period arrives, my skin normalizes and I return to my usual routine. You could of course use it everyday as a night cream.

    Also in the same range is this serum.

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    Baby smooth skin for adults is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and other Amazon sites. 

    Anti-pollution skincare

    Do you live in a busy city? If you do, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but city air is aging you. Air pollution in urban areas, much of which comes from traffic, includes tiny particles called PMs, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

    Prof Jean Krutmann, director at the Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Germany, says, “UV [damage from the sun] was really the topic in skin protection for the last 20-30 years. Now I think air pollution has the potential to keep us busy for the next few decades.”

    PMs have been shown to increase age spots and wrinkles but one of the latest studies also implicates nitrogen dioxide for accelerating aging. The study was conducted on people in Germany and China and it was discovered that age spots on their cheeks increased by 25% with a relatively small increase in pollution, 10 microgrammes of NO2 per cubic metre. Many parts of the UK have illegally high levels of NO2, with London breaking its annual limit in the first week of 2016, with levels reaching over 200 microgrammes of NO2 per cubic metre.

    My two cents on this is that all this pollution is the reason why cases of rosacea are on the rise. At the moment, there are not many products for prevention [of air pollution damage], however it may be a trend in the coming years as it becomes a much bigger issue.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing broad spectrum sunscreen, it won’t protect against pollution but it will prevent photoaging whilst your skin is battling pollution. You wouldn’t leave your skin vulnerable to both the sun and pollution, would you? Give it a helping hand where you can.

    As far as dislodging those harmful particles that settle on your skin, consider these options;

    Clay masks

    Clay face masks benefit the skin by using capillary action to absorb substances on and beneath the skin’s surface. They can absorb sebum, bacteria, water and various toxins and irritants from the skin and can exfoliate dead skin cells and blackheads without friction.

    £26.61 amazon.co.uk

    £10.66 amazon.co.uk

    Activated Charcoal

    It’s been added to cleansers, face masks, toothbrushes, and even juices for its ability to absorb toxins and pollutants.

    These and other similar products will help your skin. The one product you should skip is scrub, doctors recommend you give it a wide berth.

    I look forward to a time when I can recommend a whole range of products geared towards fighting the effects of pollution on our skin.
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