One Way or Another by Mary J Williams

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I am diversifying the content on my blog to include all of my passions. That includes books, and this review is one of many to come. I hope the move is well received. Without any further ado, let’s get right into the review.

In this story Calder and Adam meet and fall in love in a fairytale romance. The narrative focuses on Adam and Calder getting to know each other but Calder’s family also features prominently in the story.

Calder has three amazing sisters who always have her back. Growing up they only had each other as their mother was somewhat of an unreliable mother figure. Luckily, they all turned out great and are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

One Way or Another is reminiscent of other great novels. The author’s writing style reminds me of Nora Roberts. The storyline is quite original though.

I don’t have the benefit of three sisters like Calder, but there are parts of her story that strongly resonate with mine. It’s a rare delight to read something so familiar.

I loved the narrative’s different dimensions. Each of the sisters has their own distinct character, you will have no trouble finding someone to relate to.

This is one of the best romantic novels I have read this year. It explores both familial love and romantic love and will appeal to anyone who loves a good romance.

You can read it for free with a Kindle subscription or buy it on

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