How to Spread Anguish and Pain

Ever found yourself googling the secret to happiness? If not, keep this a secret. You don’t know this yet, but you are gaming the system, and a lot of people would like to find you and make you accountable.

Not because they hate you, but because they have had more than their fair share of lemons in life, and it seems fair for someone like you to take over the lemonade stand for a while.
Don’t believe me? Look at the comments section on most YouTube videos, or better yet, the many forums dedicated to proving every famous person is a fraud and other people are better suited for their role.

Other cathartic things to do while in pain include:-

  • Deleting projects and assignments from people’s unattended PCs
  • Choosing plastic over paper when you go shopping
  • Unfollowing everyone on Instagram who hasn’t followed you back, then sneaking back to their profile to see their photos
  • Trying on clothes you have no intention of buying
  • Refusing to comment on this post

I don’t judge you for any of those things, not when the highlight of my day, was when Greg from ‘Yes Dear’, beat up a short man in front of his ten year old son, and it gets better; Greg started having nightmares about the man giving him a surprise retaliation each time he opened the front door.
I have to watch that episode again. 😀

And as for you, unusually happy person, don’t ever let anything steal your joy. If you let sadness creep into your life, your soul develops a taste for it.

I hope you are all having a productive week.

Thanks for stopping by



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