Cinnabar Green 

I discovered a little gem of a company called Cinnabar Green. It’s not often that I buy more than one skincare product from a company, but once I tried their cream cleanser, I had to try everything else.

I got the cleanser as a second cleanse cleanser, but on the label it says you should take off your makeup with it. Cream cleansers tend to be bad at removing makeup, most don’t emulsify with water so you’re meant to use them with a hot flannel as opposed to rinsing off at the sink.

I consider that too much of a helping hand. Besides, it’s not everyday your skin appreciates the exfoliating action of a flannel.

This cleanser surprised me however, it took off all my makeup! The instructions call for warm water and a flannel like all other cream cleansers, but I didn’t have to do that. I just massaged all over my face and rinsed at the tap with cold water.

Used this way it does leave you feeling like you have a thin film over your face, but that is just bees wax and it doesn’t show up as dirt when you run a cotton ball with toner all over your face.

The first time I tried this cleanser I didn’t second cleanse with a different product, and I didn’t put anything on my face. I just went straight to bed. This does not clog pores or cause breakouts. In fact when applied on active breakouts it’s like taking off the lid on a pressure cooker, and you won’t have to wait for days or weeks to notice this effect. As soon as you rinse and pat dry you’ll notice any breakout you may have had significantly flattened out or in the process of extracting itself.

Given it’s exceptional qualities, I felt using this cleanser as a makeup remover was wasting its potential. I now use it as a second cleanse cleanser having taken off my makeup with Yves rocher oil cleanser. I feel that’s the proper way to honour the care and effort that went into making it.

I’ve been thinking about getting Cinnabar Green’s toner. They recommend it as a second step after cleansing but I don’t want anything taking off that waxy goodness I mentioned earlier.

Other products I’ve tried from Cinnabar Green are their handmade soaps and their face cream.

I’m yet to try their Toner, massage oils, lotions and bath salts. I have no need of these things at the moment, but as soon I run out of my current stash I’m heading on to their website to order.

For those of you who are interested, Cinnabar Green is a Kenyan company that only ships around Kenya. If you live anywhere else in the world, look out for this item on my shopify.

All their products are

✔ Mineral oil free

✔ Paraben free

✔ Not tested on animals

Similar product Tata harper refreshing cleansing cream, available at

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Animal testing is not something I cared about before, but once you know how these tests are conducted it’s hard not to care.

2 thoughts on “Cinnabar Green 

  1. Clio Horsey says:

    Hi Maureen,

    I am writing to you from Cinnabar Green. We have only just found this lovely review you have left about our cleanser and would like to put it on our website if that is ok with you? We would also like to invite you to try our new and improved toner – we can send you a sample bottle if you send us your delivery address and phone number? We would love to know what you think of it?

    Please email with your details.

    Many thanks.

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