Night time routine : Double Cleansing on the cheap 

Have you ever found yourself in such a tight spot financially you couldn’t afford to splurge on selfcare items like cleansers? And then you bought poor substitutes for your usual products and they ended up breaking you out?

I believe proper cleansing is the foundation of a good skin care routine, and 1-5 dollars can afford you one.

This routine is

✔ Mineral oil free

✔ Paraben free

✔ Sulphate free

Step 1: Makeup removal

Almond, Coconut, sunflower and olive oil are among my top picks. Keep costs down by choosing the oil that’s most readily available to you, if it’s locally produced it will be cheaper.

Below are a few notes on each of the oils to further assist you with your choice.

Coconut oil

Comedogenic factor of 4, so could clog up your pores. This isn’t the case for everyone, some people are so lucky they could use lard on their faces and it wouldn’t break them out. You could get away with using this as a makeup remover, but if you’re especially prone to congestion don’t risk it.

Sunflower oil

Comedogenic factor of 0, won’t clog up your pores, a bit tedious to apply though.

Also hard to find in smaller bottles.

Almond oil

Comedogenic factor of 2, induces a wonderful glow on your skin, right after you wash it off with soap you’ll notice it.

This is ineffective against eye makeup though, and also stings like hell when it gets into your eyes, this happened to me, I wasn’t using food grade almond oil though, has anyone tried that on their eyes? I suspect there’s no difference but I’d like to know.

Olive oil

Spreads so easily makeup will just glide off your skin, among these four it will also leave the least residue of itself on your skin. Just like almond oil, you don’t want to get it in your eyes either.

All these oils are great for cooking too but remember you’re buying just for your face, so pick the smallest size available, you are on a budget after all, and you really couldn’t finish a litre of oil just using it on your face.

Step 2: Cleansing

After spending somewhere between 40cents and $2.5 on an oil to use as a makeup remover, you now have at least $2.5 dollars. I don’t like soap as a facial cleanser but I don’t recommend you get a foaming cleanser that originally sells at 3 dollars or below, most of them are worse than soap, I could name a few exceptions but I’m aiming at a universal post here, outside the US, drugstore products are rarely available at drugstore prices.

Nivea $0.5

Surprisingly well made considering the price, it contains just the basic ingredients used to make soap but it doesn’t leave a grimy residue of itself on your skin like most soaps do. This is the only mass made soap I could bathe with, it’s also not that drying and depending on the variant you pick, it might even be slightly hydrating.

At a slightly higher price point you could get Dove soap, but I don’t recommend it unless you aren’t wearing makeup and tend towards eczema, otherwise you’ll break out.

Clean&Clear $2

This is the soap equivalent of the deep pore cleanser also made by Clean&Clear. Budgetary concerns aside, you may want to pick this up if you’re avoiding sulphates (they’re in almost every deep pore foaming cleanser).

It is quite effective at decongesting skin. So if black heads and white heads are a concern for you, get this as your first line of defence.

If in the States, 3 dollars could also get you Aveeno moisturising bar which is a good alternative to clean&clear if you have dry skin. And in the UK you could buy clearasil pads to use as an exfoliant at just 3 pounds.

These are not the only possibities for second cleansers though, look into handmade soaps as well, good ones even trounce clinique’s mild cleansing bar.

No matter what you do, don’t just use wipes and go to bed.

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