The time I replaced skincare with supplements 

Do you believe in holistic skincare? I don’t. A lot of people say improving their overall health has a positive impact on their skin, I say sometimes a healthy person has bad skin anyway.

Holistic skincare: A person’s skin is a reflection of their inner health

My indifference stems from the fact that I already eat well, I cook most of what I eat from scratch and have lots of fresh fruit and veggies in my diet. Still that doesn’t prevent me from getting the occasional zit, or make it go away faster once I already have it. You know what does? Skincare products!
People who trivialise skin issues have ruined holistic skincare for me, usually it’s them asking you to eat better while you give your skin time to heal itself. Secretly (and sometimes openly) they think you’ll learn to live with what you’ve got, all you need is some time. Where would we all be if we accepted not to change anything about ourselves?

Now that I’ve registered my disdain for holistic skincare, here’s an account of what happened when I replaced skincare with supplements.

You’ll understand that I didn’t stop cleansing or moisturising, that would make anyone look bad. I only stopped exfoliating, no special moisturiser with hylaluronic acid, ceramides or other special actives either, I only needed something to keep my skin from drying out while not causing any breakouts, lanolin cream is such a thing.

My routine was as simple as wash and moisturise, I allowed myself nothing known to clear blemishes, not even tea tree oil. If you also want to try something similar, you might want to get yourself a cleanser that doesn’t exfoliate but still does a thorough job cleansing your face, a cleansing oil would be great for that.

I started my 12 week long experiment with a clear face. I never planned this experiment, I splurged all my money and for the next few weeks I had to make do with what I had in terms of skincare, I think taking my supplements ahead of being deprived of my skin treatments, helped my skin adjust better.

I was five days in with my supplements when I finished the very last drop of my acid toner, I thought my skin would break out for sure, but days went by, weeks went by, and I still had a clear face. My skin also tends to look dull days before my period, but while I took my supplements, I maintained a lit from within kind of glow all through my cycle.

These three are what got me through those weeks without my treatments and potions.

I refilled “my prescription” three or four times and that still worked out cheaper than buying an acid toner.

If you’re planning on using supplements to improve the appearance of your skin, arm yourself with information on what various minerals and vitamins do, and their side effects too.

I chose zinc for it’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Did you know that zinc deficiency is linked to acne? Read more zinc reviews here.

I feel strongly that this anti-oxidant complex was the glow inducing supplement of the three that I took.

I only took these iron supplements for their added folic acid. Be careful with iron though, it’s a pro-oxidant (opposite of anti-oxidant). When taken in excess, iron can literally age you, look up iron overdose symptoms, you’ll see what I mean.

Next time I embark on taking beauty supplements, I’ll include collagen shots, I hear they’re great for preventing and healing stretchmarks and they also help with joint pain.

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8 thoughts on “The time I replaced skincare with supplements 

  1. We are huge on the zinc here, even one of the kids takes it. Not only good for skin but we have had no colds, or very short-lived colds, because of the zinc supplement. And I suffer from some eczema, with the zinc it’s been much more manageable. 🙂

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