Night time routine

Used to be that I couldn’t find any products to wear at night. They’d always break me out. I couldn’t justify the breakouts if I wasn’t receiving any additional benefits from using a product, so I left my face bare every night.

If you’re acne prone and your night cream isn’t of the zero blemish cream variety, you might be better off without it. Dr Hauschka says to leave your skin bare at night and founder of the ordinary Brandon Trauxxe, shares my opinion, too much hydration, just like dehydration, will cause you to breakout.

I now use a face oil at night, oils don’t moisturise, they seal in the moisture you already have. Coconut oil enthusiasts, please stop asking everyone to put it on their face, it has a comodogenic rating of 4 and the scale only goes upto 5, few people can handle such high comodogenicity (if that’s even a word).

Now, my night oil is wonderful, it exfoliates and seals moisture at the same time. Even though I could easily survive without it, I don’t want my face coming into contact with surfaces unprotected while I sleep, something I never thought about before.

Think of your skin as a piece of paper, it’s easier to create folds on a dry piece of paper than a wet one, similarly if you create folds on your skin when it’s dry, those folds will hold and become creases. I don’t know about you, but I tend to lie on my side a lot when I sleep, when I do, I create a fold between my nose and my cheek. I have a theory that this repeated trauma is what causes jowls, as the years pass your skin’s ability to snap back into place is compromised, the fold deepens and you’re left with jowls.

You could stop sleeping on your side, but any other position you choose will still create a fold somewhere. Nothing short of using a Japanese pillow will give you a foldless expression as you sleep.

I make too many movements, I couldn’t handle sleeping on a wooden pillow, so I do the next best thing, lubricate. 
As stated before, I use an oil at night, (I also use snail gel depending on the weather). This particular oil is fast absorbing, sinks deeply into my skin and exfoliates at the same time. It’s quite potent as an exfoliator, infact I skip my acid toner when using it. 

What allows it to work so well for me is the base formulation which contains almond,jojoba,hemp seed, sunflower and sesame oil. This rich and non comedogenic base is infused with various citrus oils and that’s what helps with the exfoliation.
Hemp seed oil, is just code for cannabis sativa oil by the way, but don’t worry, you can’t ingest a mind altering substance through your skin (also it contains no CBD).

The reason they have it there is because it has a comodogenic rating of 0. That means it can’t block your pores, infact it can’t break you out at all (as with all other things, don’t use if you have an allergy). Other oils with a zero rating are sunflower oil and safflower oil.

This is my current night time routine, it is preceded by double cleansing, something I have talked about at length here. I haven’t changed anything in my cleansing routine, except that I have added a snail gel cleanser to my arsenal of second cleanse cleansers. I’ll be reviewing that and snail gel cream as requested by Chubby’s mom. 

I’m reading the final book in the song of ice and fire series, I just hope reading through this post hasn’t been as punishing for you as my experience with that book.

Thanks for stopping by!


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7 thoughts on “Night time routine

  1. Great post! As an oily skin girl I didn’t use night cream for years but when I hit thirty (and also because I started noticing my friends and family members faces getting older), I saw my face although oily is beginning to lack in hydration and plumpiness (?). But it is really difficult to find a night moisturiser in the summer. I also use oil on my face every other night alternating with a light moisturiser/gel (at the moment like Organic Surge light moisturising lotion).

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    • I’ve just looked up organic surge and I’m impressed with the ingredients list! I would definitely put that on my face, sweet orange oils work well with oily skin types.
      It’s very hard for us oily skinned girls to find a night time moisturiser that becomes a staple, something might work for a night or two, then a few days in it becomes too much for your skin.
      I think it’s perfectly alright to decide what you want to put on your skin on a night to night basis.

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  2. Hi, I’m. Shivali! This is a really great post. I love how your personality shines through your writing, yet still you are very informative. I never knew that applying cream at night could make you break out more. Currently, I’m putting on aloe Vera gel which is AMAZING for oily skin. I just wanted to say keep up the amazing content and also thank you for liking my hair care routine post (I really appreciate it)

    xoxo, shivali

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  3. Great to come across your page. Its super helpful for sure. Wondering if you could probably give advice on how to gain fairer skin fast? It’d be amazing if you could help. Also, thanks for liking my post β™‘

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    • First thing that comes to mind is a vitamin c serum, but that doesn’t lighten your skin beyond your original color, it’s good for people with black spots or hyperpigmentation caused by sun tanning or pregnancy.
      Now if you want to lighten your skin all over beyond its original colour, try products with glutathione. They come in a variety of soaps, creams and pills, I would be careful with the pills though.
      Glutathione products are widely available, just do a facebook search and lots of pages will turn up.

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