Minimalist skincare

Have you heard of minimalism? I chanced upon this word while binge watching extreme cheapskates on youtube so I did some research on it.

Minimalism is intentionally trying to live with the things that you need only.

While minimalism isn’t what the people at extreme cheapskates are practising, I still don’t like the sound of it. I’m of the opinion that you should get yourself whatever you want, you are worth it.

I know we can’t always buy what we want for ourselves or our loved ones, but a lack of generosity in people really puts me off. You might not have a lot, but how you spend what little you have is really telling. 

Without further ado, this would be my bare minimum if I had to scale down my current skincare routine.

Big tub of lotion or body butter

I would use this as a moisturiser and to take off makeup. 

I have used this on my face before and it did not cause any break outs (despite having shea butter).

One more reason to buy a big tub is that you might get a freebie like I did. Who doesn’t want free deodorant?

Body wash

One gentle enough to use on my face. I would use it as my second cleanse cleanser.

Face flannel

When second cleansing with my body wash, I would use this to help dislodge dirt from my face.

Exfoliating gel

In the absence of an acid toner, which can be expensive, this would suffice as an exfoliator. 

You might be thinking of getting a scrub instead, but it wouldn’t yield the same results.

This sums up what I would get in terms of skincare. I haven’t neglected to include a sunscreen as part of my routine, I have left it out in favour of mineral makeup which would serve a dual purpose (and is much safer than chemical sunscreen).

If you are at a place in your life where taking austerity measures is necessary rather than optional remember this,

“Despair and hope are yin and yang.  One cannot exist without the other. Hope without despair is hollow and dishonest.”

Just hold on, better days are coming.

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