Japanese/Asian Skincare.

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Are you a person who appreciates an intricate skin routine? If so then Japanese skincare might just be the thing for you.

The usual suspect for innovation in beauty is Europe and most notably France, which in recent years has given us micellar water, a good replacement for wet wipes when you cant be bothered to use a rinse off cleanser. (Note that I’d never be caught dead cleansing with micellar water alone).


The Japanese are known to have youthful skin, so lets steal some of their secrets to keep our skin looking youthful too.

Rather than list down a step by step skincare routine, I will explain each principle behind Japanese skincare.

Double cleansing.
This process is prevalent especially in Japan. I have written an entire post on double cleansing which you can visit to familiarize yourself with the concept. Basically it’s the use of a two tiered cleansing routine to effectively remove dirt and makeup. The choice of your cleansing products is up to you but the Japanese notably use oils and balms for the first cleanse.

Emphasis on UV protection and whitening.
Asian skincare products reflect the sun-sensitive attitudes of its customers. Many of them contain built in sunscreens and whitening ingredients to fade out dark spots and freckles.

Several layers of hydration.
In this layered process, hydration begins with toner, which is more commonly referred to as a “skin softener”. These toners never strip the skin of moisture or try to work in some extra cleaning like you might find in Western products. After toners come essences, serums, and finally rich creams, which deeply hydrate the skin and fill out fine lines.
The sheet mask, an optional step can also be squeezed in here.

Innovative ingredients.
Asian skincare companies are quite a few years ahead of their Western counterparts.Competition and high demand from customers allows them to extensively research new ingredients.
Forget the Cliniques, Elizabeth Ardens and Mary Kays, Japanese products are the real deal. For the most part, product claims are not just a marketing gimmick they actually do what they claim to do.

Skincare part of overall health.
Good skin is an entire philosophy: when you have good skin, you can wear less makeup, look much healthier, and seem younger as well. The layered routine is almost ritualistic in its execution, and it can be the best part of one’s morning or night. It surpasses fulfilling a physical purpose, and can promote one’s emotional and mental well-being too.

Overall quality.
If it hasn’t already been made obvious, Asian women take their skincare very seriously! The market is highly competitive. Interestingly, brands do not really compete on price as customers tend to favor quality over price and do not mind paying more for a superior product. Discerning customers keep skincare brands on their toes. Therefore, you can find great skincare at almost every price point, which makes Asian drugstore items a hot commodity around the world.

Is the Japanese routine right for my skin type?
This routine can work for all skin types but I would suggest reducing the layers of hydration for oily skinned girls.

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