My latest buys.

Hello my name is Maureen and I’m a shopaholic. My search for the perfect product this time brought me to this dove body wash.

A few weeks ago, I resolved to stop using body washes that contain sodium lauryl sulphate and any of it’s harmful cousins. This sent me on a quest to find a new body cleanser and the qualifications were :
1.SLS free,
2.non-soap formulation and
3.richly foaming.

At first I settled for Aveeno moisturizing bar, an SLS free syndet bar. We had our good times but this melted like butter and didn’t perform so well in the foaming department.


Exit Aveeno, enter Dove nourishing body wash. This is everything I was looking for and more. In place of sodium lauryl sulphate, this body wash is formulated with sodium lauryl glycinate.

Glycinate is a new development in body wash surfucants. It’s an ultra-mild surfactant with low potential for damage to Stratum Corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis) proteins and lipids. For further reading on this ingredient you can check out this website.

This body wash has been around for a while now but it doesn’t turn up on the internet  when you search for SLS free body wash, hence why I took so long to find it.

On my last post I promised I’d reveal what I’m using in place of my salicylic acid cleansers. I thought it would be useful to share this for people who want a deep cleanse but can’t tolerate Salicylic acid, other beta hydroxy acids or even alpha hydroxy acids.

Currently I’m using clinique cleansing balm to take off my makeup and Aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser for my final cleanse.

This two are very mild but do a very thorough job both individually and when teamed up.

Now, I know foaming cleansers are generally bad news. Most of them contain SLS or a substitute surfactant that is just as irritating or doesn’t get the job done. This Aveeno cleanser however is refreshingly different, it’s SLS free but still strong enough to take off makeup. 

I imagine bathing in a cloud would feel like using this cleanser. This comes highly recommended for people with dry skin.

Thanks for stopping by!

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