Layering your sun protection.

On most days reapplying sunscreen on your face is something you never get to do, especially if you spent a lot of time getting your makeup just right. It’s inconceivable to let all that hard work go to waste by smearing sunscreen all over it.

So what can you do about it?

There two options you could use to make sure that your single morning application lasts throughout the day.

I’m assuming here that you always apply a proper sunscreen underneath your makeup.
Makeup with SPF is great but it isn’t very useful on its own.

Sunscreens that protect for longer hours.
These are typically formulated with a combination of physical and chemical actives.
For those of you who can tolerate oxybenzone and other chemical blockers, this Elizabeth Arden sunblock can offer up to eight hours of protection.


This sunblock is arguably more powerful than others but take the 8 hour protection claim with a pinch of salt.

Mineral makeup.
This is the option I’m going with, and people using an 8 hour sunblock can also include this for added protection.

Mineral makeup is mostly sold as powder foundation. Liquid mineral foundation is also nice but powder foundation will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. With a mineral powder, you can blot out the shine in the middle of the day as well as boost your sun protection.

In Kenya, I can only find Clarins and Mary Kay mineral powder but the rest of you have other options like L’oreal, Jane Iredale and Bare minerals just to mention a few.



Check for one where zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are listed high up on the ingredients list. This means they are primary components of the powder and it is an indicator that the powder offers a higher sun protection factor.

Don’t forget to cleanse properly at the end of the day. Sunscreen ingredients are comodogenic and will most probably break you out if not cleansed off completely.

Along with switching to a mineral powder to set my foundation (or just to keep oiliness at bay), I hope to switch to a non-nano physical sunscreen. All your suggestions are welcome, keep in mind that the reason I haven’t found one yet is that all the ones I’ve tried leave a white cast on your face.

In the meantime, I’ll continue using my nivea even though I don’t know if those nano particles are causing cellular damage. I always say, the best sunscreen for you is the one that you’ll actually wear, and I can’t see myself leaving my nivea for something that leaves me with a white cast.

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