Antibacterial soaps

Media advertisements press the point that bacteria in the home are harmful and must be eliminated by using any number of the antibacterial or antimicrobial products available.

These cleaning products are no more effective at preventing infection in the home than good personal and household hygiene
using ordinary soap, warm water and plain detergent. Consumers should avoid using these products unless they have a specific
medical reason to do so.

So far, analyses of the health benefits don’t show any evidence that ,triclosan, the powerful antibiotic in the soap, can reduce
the transmission of respiratory or
gastrointestinal infections. This might be due to the fact that antibacterial soaps specifically target bacteria, but not the viruses that cause the majority of seasonal
colds and flus.

Skin Dryness.

The most widely found effect of antibacterial soap is dry skin. In fact, the American Skin Association advises people with dry skin to
avoid antibacterial soap. The powerful antibiotic agent in the soap strips the skin of its hydrating oils. Results can vary, ranging from mild itching and redness to irritation and flaking.

Other Concerns.

One of the skin’s functions is to release and absorb various chemicals and substances. A
Food and Drug Administration survey reported in the Los Angeles Times notes out of 2,517 participants of a urine study, 75 percent tested positive for triclosan. The FDA is unsure of
triclosan’s impact on internal organs, but laboratory animal tests show distortions in thyroid hormones. Infertility was also evident, as levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body were diminished.

Now that we have learnt all about soap, it’s only befitting that my next post be about moisturizer. Something you should always use after bathing.

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