Go soapless :-)

As I mentioned earlier, real soap always forms scum with hard water. Doesn’t matter if it’s in liquid or solid form.

If you love shower gels and creams, the grimy feeling on your skin after using a bar soap is a feeling you will hate.

With these soaps however you won’t experience any of that.

Dove sensitive.

As  you will notice from the list of ingredients, this isn’t a lye soap. This bar utilises sodium lauroyl isethionate as it’s foaming agent. This ingredient is a milder cousin to sodium lauryl sulphate.



I recommend this soap because you can find it almost everywhere, but even better is this ……. 

Aveeno  moisturising bar.

Aveeno makes great products for sensitive skin. This fragrance-free bar soap cleanses without stripping skin of its natural oils.


The foaming agent on this one is disodium lauryl sulfosuniccate. It’s not an organic substance, but it’s not like other chemicals either.

Is it bad for you?

Researchers say no. The molecules are larger and cannot penetrate the skin in the way other surfactants do. It’s considered very gentle on the skin, and is even suitable for more sensitive skin types.

I realize that this is a rather small list of options, my advice to you is to go out there and discover similar soaps.

On my final post about soap, we will learn more about antibacterial soap and why you might not need it.

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