My Skincare routine.

My skincare routine is fairly low maintenance. It largely depends on how my skin feels. This routine is not a custom fit for everyone but I hope the tips and products included help you.

In the morning, I cleanse with any of my second cleanse products.

To moisturise, I use this nivea sunscreen with moisturising properties. I should warn you, this has nano titanium dioxide and nano zinc oxide as well. The safety of these nano particles hasn’t been established yet.

 I may or may not use foundation but when I do, I use MaryKay.


To keep me from becoming an oil slick by midday I use flormar pretty compact to set my foundation. 


At night my focus is on removing all makeup and SPF. For taking off my makeup I may use aqueous cream, nivea cleansing lotion or clinique cleansing balm. 
Cleansing balm qualifies as both a first cleanse and second cleanse product, but you’re better of adding an exfoliant step to your routine. For that, I use st. Ives blemish clearing apricot cleanser or clean&clear daily scrub or clean&clear blackspot removing cleanser. The first two have micro beads to scrub your skin. I use either of them, two to three times a week.

After this cleansing ritual I do NOT use a night cream. However, I do own a couple of them. I got this Nivea one when I noticed that laughter  lines were beginning to form at the sides of my nose.

I stopped using it at night because I’d always wake up with some white heads. Even my blackspot removing cleanser, which always does the trick, couldn’t help the situation.

I cut out my foaming cleansers and got into a habit of doing face exercises. I don’t see the laughter  lines anymore πŸ™‚

The rest of my body.

I love the rest of my skin. We get on well. However, the hyperpigmentation that is perched on some areas, NO. We are not friends. We are enemies,and it is my chief focus in terms of corrective skin care. I wish it a grisly death many times over.

A lot of people have hyperpigmentation, and while all skin tones suffer from hyperpigmentation, those with darker Asian, Mediterranean and African skin tones are particularly prone. Common areas you’ll find this problem is the back of hands, knees, knuckles, buttocks and underarms.

New cell turnover is a must when trying to lighten up dark skin. I used to use a milk salt scrub to exfoliate, but I didn’t do it often enough, so I bought jergens skin smoothing lotion (it has AHAs) to replace it. (The salt scrub remains the best way to exfoliate my underarms).


For the actual work of brightening up those dark areas, I use Palmer’s cocoa butter or coconut oil (whichever one is available). I do get good results with these products but applying them isn’t always convenient. At such times I just use my regular lotion all over my body. You’re better of moisturizing your dark areas with your regular moisturizer than leaving them dry.
For my arms and legs I use this imperial leather lotion that I got as a free gift after purchasing their shower cream.


I’m glad I got it, it’s something I’d have never considered. It spreads easily and sinks into my skin instantly. With this, most of the moisture remains on my skin instead of rubbing off on my clothes.

  The complete list of products that I use for my body is Palmers cocoa butter, coconut oil, jergens skin smoothing lotion, salt scrub, imperial leather lotion and imperial leather shower cream.

My shower cream contains those harmful sulfates we talked about on this post. On my next post , I will weigh the benefits of using bar soaps against the benefits of using shower gels (for your body).

Thanks for stopping by!


11 thoughts on “My Skincare routine.

  1. I have tried many times to read about skin care on the net but I must say your blogs are far better off ,the information is well simplified and precise ,it’s just what I have been looking for ,thanks a lot Wahu .

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    • For me night creams aren’t essential. I have oily skin and putting cream on when I go to sleep will only cause pore blockages.
      For a person with dry skin, a night cream is great. It doesn’t have to be labelled ‘night cream’, look for something without SPF and has little to no fragrance.
      Night time is a great time to apply special treatments to your face like benzoyl peroxide for acne or bio oil for acne scars.


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