Treat your skin right.

For the overall health of your skin, anything you can do to treat it gently is a very good thing.Treating skin gently encourages normal
collagen production, maintains a smooth and radiant surface, and helps skin protect itself from environmental stressors. Aside from diligent sun protection, here are a few other tips to keep your skin flawless and radiant.

1. Cleanse twice daily and at regular hours. Waiting until afternoon before your face gets its first splash of water definitely takes a toll on your skin.
2. Avoid nightly moisturizers unless they’re wrinkle or acne treatments. They’re no environmental aggressors at night thus no need to layer on the moisturizer. All a night cream will do is give you puffy eyes and possibly even milia seeds. If you’re skin cracks when you don’t moisturise then tip number three is for you 🙂
3. Avoid foaming cleansers, they almost always contain surfucants. A common surfucant found in foaming cleansers is sodium lauryth sulfate, the same stuff they use to make detergents! If your skin needs a deep cleanse, use a mild non-foaming cleanser and follow with a mild toner. Alternatively you can use a non-foaming daily scrub for a one step cleansing process.
4. If you really must use a separate moisturizer for the eye area, choose a gel instead of a cream. Gels cause no pore blockages and they stay put once they dry, there’s no chance of you sweating some product into your eyes.
5.Apply topical skin treatments only to the areas that need that treatment. Use a cotton swab for precision.


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