The proper way to cleanse.


Cleansing properly is important especially when you use products with SPF. I’ve seen one too many friends give up on sunscreen because it breaks them out. Others are on an endless journey to find a non comodogenic sunblock.

Sunscreens block pores and that is their nature. In order to maintain your  comedo free skin while still enjoying the benefits of sunscreen, you need to invest in a deep action cleanser.

Cleansers with salicylic acid (a chemical exfoliant that works great on people with acne) cleanse away all the dirt, makeup and sunscreen in one simple step (if they are the foaming kind).

I would only recommend the above product for an oily skinned person on a tight budget. It does take away all the dirt and SPF but part of the reason it works so well is because it contains SLS, a foaming agent which is a known skin irritant.

If you have a little more to spend then you can invest in a makeup remover and this clean and clear cleanser that functions as a toner.

Much as salicylic acid is a wonderful ingredient, some people are allergic to it and other BHAs.
For those beauties with normal to dry skin and/or are BHA intolerant, a milder product like clinique cleansing balm would work great
for them. They can use it to double cleanse, or for a single step cleansing routine on those lazy days.

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5 thoughts on “The proper way to cleanse.

  1. Hudda. says:

    They say you have to re apply your sun block every 3 hours. Won’t it dry out the skin of we wash it every time before re applying the sun screen :l

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