Busting skincare myths (part 2)

wpid-img_20140919_195448.jpg1. People of colour don’t need sunscreen. Black people may not get sunburnt as often as white people but excessive sun exposure causes skin cancer to both white and black people. In addition UVB rays have been proven to cause premature skin aging. 2. . Applying oil (read moisturizer) on oily skin is what causes acne. As you already know by now acne is caused by clogged pores and the inflammation that follows. Every skin type needs a moisturizer that is designed to suit its needs. It is not the application of moisturizer that is causing your acne, rather its your refusal to cleanse appropriately. 3. Washing your face with soap is better than washing with water only. What you put on your face determines how you should cleanse it. If you apply sunblock and/or heavy duty make up you need a heavy duty cleanser to take it all off. If you apply nothing to your face its perfectly fine to cleanse with water alone. In fact, this method works great in clearing white heads and black heads! 4. Petroleum jelly is good for all skin types and will help clear adult acne. Petroleum has no acne fighting ingredients as far as I know. It also has no reported benefits to acne of any kind. 5. A tingling sensation on your skin is a sign that the product is working. Not always,  if the tingling is accompanied by redness and inflammation then you need to wash the product off your skin before it causes serious damage. Often when you refuse to wash it off it causes scarring!


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