Busting skincare myths (part 1)

1. Drinking eight glasses of water per day will clear your acne.
Water is life no doubt, but drinking water will only help your skin stay hydrated. Acne is caused by clogged pores and the inflammation that follows.

2. Homemade products are better than store bought products.
It is nearly impossible to replicate the hygiene standards observed in laboratories where commercial products are made. Homemade products are best used fresh as exposure to air reduces their effectiveness. Homemade products do not match up to commercial products in most cases… think of trying to clear blackheads using a tomato paste mask.

3. The more expensive a product is the better it works.
This is an outright lie. I have bought many expensive products that didn’t work as well as the cheap ones. Taxes and cargo charges for imported products inflate their prices and make them more expensive than local products of similar quality. Big brand names also charge higher than others because they are well known.

4. Good products take a long time to achieve results on your skin.
Unless you are battling stretch marks, six months is too long to wait for change. Effective products begin to show results within the first week of use.

5. Wearing makeup will age you or destroy your skin.
Make up is worn to cover imperfections and to make dull skin glow. Even people with perfect skin use makeup to highlight their good features. That make up will ruin your skin is just a myth. Research shows that women who wear make up age better than those that don’t. This could be because make up creates a barrier between their skin and the environment which is full of pollutants.


3 thoughts on “Busting skincare myths (part 1)

    • Use a benzoyl peroxide acne cream/gel. It can be found in most phamarcies (I buy mine at the chemist in nakumatt lifestyle). Specify that you want it to have 5% benzoyl peroxide. It should cost you around 400/= . The cream is meant to be used at night only. Apply on clean skin, you may feel a slight burning feeling but that’s normal. The cream will dry your skin out for the first few days but don’t be alarmed its meant to do that. While using the product avoid using other acne fighting products. I recommend imperial leather for washing your face and lanolin cream as your moisturizer. Do not wear any makeup over the moisturizer. Use the cream for six days then report back so I can recommend good products to help maintain the results. Also stay out of the sun while using this treatment.

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